This is a review of the blog post “Spatial Software” written by John Palmer for 1729.


Spatial software is great for social use cases and the pandemic will definitely accelerate its adoption. However, there might be some limitations to its use such as hardware and finding the right product-market fit

Article Summary

  1. Due to COVID, the trend towards spatial interfaces is accelerating
  2. Social applications will be the first to adopt spatial interfaces
  3. Spatial software is given by the ability to move bodies and objects freely which is in parallel to the real world
  4. Designers and developers will begin using spatial interfaces…

Review of Spatial Interfaces as part of a task by (


Applying spatial design to crypto may just help adoption… if its the right context. We talk about the UI of cryptokitties and decentraland and we see how a 3D interface might transform a user’s experience.

Article Summary of Spatial Interfaces

  • increasing the dimensionality to 3D can make the applications more intuitive.
  • skeuomorphic spatial affordance is making UI elements represent their real-world counterparts and their spatial relationships to their surroundings.
  • most apps use some spatial concepts to make it easier to understand how to get back to certain screens. …

our billion user table

Here’s a review and short contribution to the article and challenge on

You can find said article here. Its a short 10 minute read about how a smart contract platform can level the playing field for new startups as user onboarding is now trivial.

Ethereum Login

You can find said article here. This was an article by Jon Stokes, originally published as “Cryptocurrency and the Great Unbundling”. On this same article, there’s a counter-argument in the comments, titled “Why Cryptocurrency Is A Giant Fraud”.

Article Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what was discussed to serve as a basis for further discussion.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and unbundling

Uniswap is given as an example. It is a decentralized exchange and carries out most functions of a typical centralised exchange but without intermediaries. However, Jon adds a caveat:

*Note: To be clear, there are servers, accounts, logins, and even some legal entities that Uniswap depends…

You can find said article here. This was first written by John Palmer in 2016 where he published the article as a thought experiment on what software might do to governance systems.

Article Summary

Consider disruption in the business world, where there may be an existing organization dominating an industry. When a group of people has an idea for a new organization, they can build it and put it into action. Once it’s started, people or other businesses can test it and decide how much to use it in the future. …

You can find said article here.

Rather than analyse whether each investor has an accurate crystal ball instead, I’ve decided to use topic modelling to see whether investors as a general crop picked major topics that turned out true.

With some help from Topic Modelling for Everyone with Google Colab rather than coding from scratch, we have 4 main topics. Each topic will have its main keyword followed by its top sentences that represent it. You can view my file here. This will give you the full breakdown.

Disclaimer: I relied quite heavily on the template model, therefore there will…

It took 2 afternoons to write this book review. Thanks to the endless number of distractions that come up from the news cycle tracking the state of Singapore’s COVID measures. Stuck at home, many of us are bombarded endlessly by our ceaseless notifications. How might we get anything done?

As part of the bounty by 1729, I thought it would be a good chance to try and eliminate a distraction or two by applying some principles from the book. Well here goes nothing!

Master internal triggers.

The idea here is to eliminate your urge to be distracted.

Your distractions have to come from…

I thought I would keep a simple document highlighting key aspects of my working style for future references! It’s much easier to put up your ‘why’ and state them for posterity than having people guess at them.

Inspired by:

  1. Before Meeting New People, Give Them Your Personal User Manual
  2. Personal User Manuals — The Good, the Bad, and a Template

How to Contact Me

I am most frequently on Telegram or Whatsapp. In general, I check groups around once a day unless tagged on a conversation. For e-mails I have to triage based on the Eisenhower Matrix because there’s just so many!

Preferred Working Style

  • I appreciate…


Binance Tai-Chi Document

Tips and tricks to evade the US government

How to Implement an ERC721 Market

It seems quite simple except that you need to have your own currency for this market


What does an executive do

Job #1: Convince smart people to work with me.

Job #2: Allocate scarce resources.

Job #3: Craft vision.

Job #4: Break ties.

Job #5: Curate Culture.

Job #6: Advocate, explain, and be held accountable.

Gems from Richard Hamming

On Great Thoughts Fridays:

Friday afternoons for years — great thoughts only — means that I committed 10% of my time trying to understand the bigger problems in the field, i.e. what was and what was not important. I found in the early days I had…


My Advice After Interviewing 100+ Software Engineers

  1. Prepare
  2. Be critical
  3. Must know technicals
  4. Keep trying, don’t get demotivated
  5. Be passionate

Belief in the unstructured interview: The persistence of an illusion

Thus, while interviews do not help predict one’s GPA, and may be harmful, our participants believe that any interview is better than no interview, even in the presence of excellent biographical information like prior GPA.

Our findings suggest a rethinking of the meaning of interview validity. The validity of predictions made by interviewers or by numerically incorporating interviews into a model is uninformative unless it can be directly compared to predictions made by the same methods without an interview

In addition to the vast evidence suggesting that…

Hum Qing Ze

ever curious

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