A Digital Yggdrasil: Education as a Public Good

“Education” as generated by DALL-E mini by huggingface

Web3’s Shared Challenge: Growing Our Own Timber

Education Must Become a Public Good

Develop Positive Externalities

  • Developing translations for projects, and supporting a pool of translators who can accurately capture the nuances of Web3 to ensure global inclusivity.
  • Providing a metadata of current resources to map dependencies before a reader can understand the content. This is similar to CIA Officer’s defi developer roadmap or OpenNodes’ blockchain roadmap.
  • Creating “portals” couched in Web2 language so that people unfamiliar with the space can envision how they might be enter Web3 with their current skill sets and contribute.
  • Potentially standardizing skill sets needed in Web3 through a common framework to allow for the exchange of talents between DAOs.
  • Curating an indexed public library of knowledge and resources for all of Web3 — not only the technical and academic aspects of it, but also its culture, ideas, governance, background, and history.
  • Developing a subscription model for curators using EIP-1337 to provide continuous support, and as a means of signalling the types of knowledge people value. This could also be adapted as a stream similar to buidl guidl.
  • Incentivizing pioneers who are pushing the forefronts of Web3 to generate content by setting up commitments to compensate if they do, much like Ghost Knowledge.
  • Creating testnet versions of popular apps, so that people new to Web3 can use this as a way to get comfortable and develop confidence.
  • Developing a collective talent incubation program much like kernel where we aggregate educational needs across Web3 but we run programs asynchronously instead. Content should be delivered in a self-serve format while allowing learners to self-organise.
  • Mapping individuals to skill sets such that they can identify opportunities to contribute according to each individual’s needs, much like skills mapping.
  • Offering fellowships to support projects that show promise and can scale education across Web3, such as rabbithole.gg, which provides on-chain credentials based on activity.
  • Encouraging candidates to fill in skills gap analysis surveys to find their best roles in Web3 after the “portals” couched in Web2 language are developed.
  • Suggest a finder’s fee for candidates who complete the guided incubation programs to fund future initiatives.

Incentivise Collective Support

  • Providing dKudos and mini CLR from Gitcoin to people that participate and contribute. Further support and education funding might be weighted against a user’s current amount of dKudos.
  • Utilising the participation in activities as part of anti-fraud detection for DAOs throughout the ecosystem.
  • Encouraging curriculum and content designers to post their work as NFTs, so that they can obtain royalties when their content is licensed.





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