Distracting you with a review of “Indistractable

Master internal triggers.

  1. Identify the feeling or thought behind your urge: Urge to go out and meet friends, to eat out, to see this pandemic end.
  2. Write it down: Well…I haven’t picked up a pen in months. Finding one took surprisingly long but I did.
  3. Explore the sensation: I realised it was the hope that restrictions would be lifted that kept my mind half-heartedly plugged into the news. Its almost Pavlovian where we’ll wait for news around 6–7PM or whenever the three letters MOH (Ministry of Health) comes up.

Make time for traction.

  1. Turn your values into time: I’ve actually started colour coding my calendar to block out time with my loved ones, friends, learning etc. That way I make sure I don’t miss out on things I care about. You can check out the benefits of colour coding your calendar here. There’s lots of tips on choosing your colours, and even includes some handy ways to make the colours memorable and meaningful!
  2. Timebox: After that, I’ve tried to allocate time in my calendar for exactly these things. What you end up with is a better understanding of how much time you really have and also a disincentive to be distracted more. If you’ve never done timeboxing before, here’s one way to start. Timeboxing is basically the technique of setting a fixed time for a task of your choice. After you have blocked out your calendar, you must treat it like a meeting and follow your schedule! This way you can ensure that you will have enough time for your commitments and stick to the person you would like to grow into.
  3. Sync with stakeholders: We’ve actually had this conversation at work before! I remember the quote was “just because my calendar is empty doesn’t mean it’s free”. I think setting some ground rules is quite important because having one’s calendar completely filled with meetings would mean there’s no time to do actual work!

Hack back external triggers.

  1. Hack back your smartphone: that took awhile. Had to dig into the notification settings to clear out unwanted notifications…
  2. Hack back your feeds: I don’t really have feeds! This wasn’t a problem.

Prevent distraction with pacts.

  • You did not set a deadline for yourself
  • Your initial idea wasn’t fully described and you’re not sure what you really want
  • You don’t know where to start

Applying this to the bounty





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Hum Qing Ze

ever curious

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