Beijing Reveals 145-Page Blueprint To Be Blockchain Hub / JP Morgan Debuts Singapore Payment Network / No-Code Blockchain Integration

The Store of Value Thesis

Ethereum Use Case Analysis


Circles for inclusion, mentorship

How to Become an Outstanding Junior Developer

#2 Hone your Google Fu

#3 Use a “try timer”

#4 Remember to relax and take breaks!

#5 Ask the duck

#6 Take notes

#7 Fight against imposter syndrome daily


Systems design for advanced beginners

How one code review rule turned my team into a dream team

Each PR review must have at least 2 same-team developer approvals. Manager approval does not count.

Rule 2

Each PR must have a good description. From reading the description, the reviewer should be able to understand what the code is meant to do. This has to be true even if there is a Jira ticket or a requirements page.

Rule 3

PR must have sufficient unit test and integration test coverage.

Rule 4

If the PR is a bug fix, it must contain a test such that, should the bug fix be reverted, this test would fail.

Learnings from Tech Leading: Delivery


Design Docs at Google

  • Early identification of design issues when making changes is still cheap.
  • Achieving consensus around a design in the organization.
  • Ensuring consideration of cross-cutting concerns.
  • Scaling knowledge of senior engineers into the organization.
  • Form the basis of an organizational memory around design decisions.
  • Acts as a summary artifact in the technical portfolio of the software designer(s).


Zulip 3.0: Threaded Open Source Team Chat

Minecraft @ Home

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