Notes from 20/4–4/4


The race for coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide

New Zealand has ‘effectively eliminated’ coronavirus. Here’s what they did right.

r0 calculator for US states

The first modern pandemic

Testing BERT based Question Answering on Coronavirus articles

COVID-19 Superspreader Events in 28 Countries: Critical Patterns and Lessons

  • Of the 54 SSEs on my list for which the underlying activities were identified, no fewer than nine were linked to religious services or missionary work. This includes massive gatherings such as February’s weeklong Christian Open Door prayer meeting in Mulhouse, France, which has been linked to an astounding 2,500 cases; and a massive Tablighi Jamaat Islamic event in Lahore that attracted a quarter-million people. But it also includes much smaller-scale religious activities, such as proselytizing in rural Punjabi villages and a religious meeting in a Calgary home.
  • Nineteen of the SSEs — about one-third — involved parties or liquor-fueled mass attendance festivals of one kind or another, including (as with the examples cited above) celebrations of weddings, engagements and birthdays.
  • Five of the SSEs involved funerals.
  • Six of the SSEs involved face-to-face business networking. This includes large-scale events such as Biogen’s notorious Boston leadership meeting in February, as well as one-on-one business meetings — from the unidentified “traveling salesperson” who spread COVID-19 in Maine to Hisham Hamdan, a powerful sovereign-wealth fund official who spread the disease in Malaysia

How Covid-19 Kills

Inside China’s Plan to Power Global Blockchain Adoption


About the Google Professional Cloud Architect exam — (GCP 2019)

Deep Learning

Deep Learning Course notebooks worth $2,000 are now open source


A framework to define your product metrics

  • Start with an external metric that has potential for improvement
  • Find a series of internal metrics that have a connection with your external metric (…and prove the connection)
  • Design a feature/product/service that drives your internal metric
  • Watch your external metric to see if you were successful

How to up your product skills compared to your colleagues

Tips for new product managers (with expert quotes)

  1. Plan with a longer time frame in mind — in months
  2. KNow when to say no — be assertive
  3. Start from the small things — quick wins
  4. Get to know your customers — talk to our users
  5. Build a relationship with your software devs

The Baymard Institute: A glorious, evidence-based trove of UX best practices

How Product Managers Can Help Improve Engineering Process


Earn Money with Machine Learning by Publishing an API

Algorithmic Trading with Python

Finding the shortest path from Country A to Country B — using Neo4J and Node

  • Run Neo4J Container Image (as described in this article by my colleague Rosanna Denis)
  • Access Neo4J through browser UI
  • Run a Node JS Container Image
  • Git Clone a GitHub Repo
  • Run Node application (that will fetch the data, load it into Neo4J and execute the query to find the shortest path)

Why You Need to Understand Software Requirements as a Software Engineer

How I built and launched Design Resources using Webflow (in under 2 weeks)

Webflow 101 crash course

Build a Chrome Extension with Preact and Webpack

500 free CS courses


drawsql database templates

rezi resume generator

FlowMapp user flow tool

Rapid Image Layers Animation




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