Notes from 23–30/6


I think what’s most important is to illustrate your own experiences that you do what is said in these interview questions.

How do you collaborate with others?

  • Authenticity is critically important, and that has three pillars: understanding XFN priorities, transparency and empathy.
  • Building credibility is essential in a flat organization; boasting and ego-driven credentials are anti-patterns.
  • Influencing technical decisions begins with active listening and signaling that you understand the issues as well as the desired outcomes.
  • Hard conversations are part of authentic communication. You have to tackle these head-on with openness and self-awareness of your own weaknesses.

How do you solve conflict?

  • Conflict often arises when cross-functional teams fail to recognize and understand the trade-offs necessary to achieve outcomes.
  • In order to help team members be more self-aware and empathetic, you can walk through the process from the perspective of their own team and draw corollaries to other teams.
  • One thing some managers miss is providing opportunities for stakeholders to revisit and revise their agreements as the reality of implementation sets in.

Provides a great direction for what to do


Uses networkx alot on a pandas dataframe

Might be useful to see the different courses that are competing with us


If I ever somehow need to do this


Replacing generic walkthroughs with contextual onboarding flows


Recommends a total of 900-1800h of study over 9 topics. That’s absolutely crazy! It’s spending almost 5 hours a day for an entire year. I suppose what’s important is to just pick a few things and learn them in depth.


Literally just launched, need to find a good way to use this

Absolutely brilliant idea I can port to Notion!

Not sure why this is particularly useful, a picture or gif will do

Looks super useful, might be better than neo4j?




ever curious

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Hum Qing Ze

ever curious

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