Spatial Software Review

Article Summary

  1. Due to COVID, the trend towards spatial interfaces is accelerating
  2. Social applications will be the first to adopt spatial interfaces
  3. Spatial software is given by the ability to move bodies and objects freely which is in parallel to the real world
  4. Designers and developers will begin using spatial interfaces in non-traditional ways, taking design patterns from gaming and applying them to non-competitive, explicitly social use-cases.

Article’s perspective

Constructive Critiques

  • there are certainly hardware limitations to rendering 3D worlds on-demand. not all computers will be able to handle a 3D world making it impractical for mass use
  • sometimes people just want to get things done, is great for company townhalls and get togethers but would be horrible for non-social events
  • despite the call that 3D worlds can transcend gaming and move into day-to-day applications, most of the examples given are games. I wouldn’t count figma as a social interaction tool and the 3D-ness of figma is limited to its layers
  • I think having shared 3D assets will greatly accelerate the adoption of spatial software. Sketchfab is a great place for this.





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